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How to Take Care After a Rhinoplasty?

These are the cares that you must have in mind after a Rhinoplasty

How to Take Care After a Rhinoplasty?

One of the most popular cosmetic surgeries is Rhinoplasty. This Surgery is performed to modify the shape of the nose: change the shape of the tip, increase or reduce the size, the curvature of the septum, the thickness of the nostrils, etc. 

However, Rhinoplasty is not always due to merely aesthetic issues in which the patient wants to improve his or her appearance. Still, it may be necessary to help alleviate some breathing problems or congenital or traumatic malformations of the nose that make breathing difficult due to tension or excessive or deviated nasal septum.

The nose is one of the parts of the face that can most define a person, so at the time of a Rhinoplasty, a good Plastic Surgeon will always look for naturalness and harmony and the combination of both aesthetic and functional benefits.


The care after a Rhinoplasty:

After the surgery has been performed, the most advisable thing is to stay in bed with the head elevated above the level of the chest to reduce the level of bleeding and swelling, which is common to occur on the nose.

To reduce the bleeding and swelling time and have an optimal recovery, it is best to follow the precautions your doctor has indicated, some of them and the most common ones are the following: 

  • Avoiding activities that require a lot of effort

  • Although daily cleaning is essential, remember that the operated area should remain as dry as possible. Try not to wet the area around the nose ... clean the face with a damp cloth is ideal

  • No reason to blow your nose

  • Avoiding activities that require physical contact or effort

  • Eat foods high in fiber, such as fruits and vegetables, to avoid constipation. (Constipation can cause pressure later where you had Surgery.)

  • Pay attention to your facial expressions, avoid laughing, crying or gesturing with your face (these gestures can cause problems with healing)

  • Brush your teeth with gentle movements

  • Limiting your daily sodium intake will make the swelling go away faster

  • Do not place cold compresses on the nose

  • During this time do not wear clothing that is worn on the head

  • If you wear glasses, your doctor will tell you when you can use them normally without getting hurt

  • Do not take any medication that has not been authorized by your surgeon

After the first 30 days after the surgery, you will start noticing the final results of your Rhinoplasty. Your life will be returning to normal, however, for the first three months it's important to be careful with:

  • No sunbathing

  • Avoid intense cold or wind in the operated area

  • No sudden movements or very demanding activities


Whether you have had a Rhinoplasty or not, the nose continues to suffer changes throughout life, which is why it is difficult to know when you will notice the final result, however after a year, most of the swelling will have disappeared entirely.

In general, Rhinoplasty offers many benefits, as long as we put our health in expert hands. It is fundamental to be aware that qualified professionals must perform any plastic surgery operation. 

Please make an appointment with a Plastic Surgeon at BlueNetHospitals so your questions can be answered and you can be informed before, during, and after the Surgery of all the necessary recommendations and indications for your Rhinoplasty to be a complete success.