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Passionate about the game?
Posted on: October 15th, 2019


A final of your favorite team can cause you a strong emotion, stress or fear and has the potential to trigger a Heart problem.
If you have heard that they say their chest hurts if their team loses, it is not sadness, it could be a Heart failure.


Two of the most common Heart Diseases that can cause chest pain are:

Stress Cardiomyopathy

There is so much adrenaline in the body that begins to travel the body weakening the muscles that do not know how to react and potentially lead to fainting. The Heart suffers a failure that may not be severe or irreversible.

Heart Attack

The body reacts to stress and throws an adrenaline pump that increases the heart rate, blood pressure, glucose and this can affect the electrical system of the Heart triggering a Heart Attack or Cardiac Arrest. The body does not know if you run if you fight and this makes you even more stressed.


If you are healthy, watch out! If you have a cardiac history, hypertension or diabetes, do not take risks and take it easy.




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